Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Crimson Sword Saga Trilogy

Hi everyone!

My new game Tactics has been released on steam here:

The complete guide is on steam here:

My previous game is here:

The games are at 0.99$ so the lowest Steam price!
You can get the two games for 0.98$ on a Steam bundle here:

Unfortunately Tower of Brax has been discontinued, the greenlight page here:

The game was way too generic and I don't want to pollute Steam anymore. Sadly there are now way too many bad (or downright mediocre) games on this platform.  I have given up on this game but I have spent some time on this project so I want to share it, you can find it here: 

You are free to exploit anything in this project as much as you like! Just let me know if you plan to use some part of it! If you would like to resume work on this project, I would be really happy too! Just contact me in this case!

Contact: david.nguyen104@gmail.com
I guess that's my last article, I officially retire.
Thank you for your support!

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