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Introduction of my Game

Overview: Following the death of King Achab, Queen Jezebel ascended to the throne of the kingdom of Benjamin. But over time, her grip has tightened into tyranny. Despite Jezebel's many cruelties -- or perhaps because of them -- many rumors have surfaced about the dead king's dalliances and the queen's insane rages. But there is hope. The people, desperate for justice, rally around an unlikely revolutionary leader: Rachel. She is Achab's illegitimate daughter, and it is her destiny to destroy her father's empire... or die under his wife's heel.

About the Game


After working three years on Rpg maker vx ace, I have released my games for windows.
Crimson Sword Saga: The Peloran Wars borrows many popular gameplay elements from series such as Fire Emblem and Langrisser. The focus of my game is clearly not on graphics but on characters, story and gameplay. The script consists of more 75,000 words. Instead there is no map or exploration, and in fact it is much more like a visual novel with RPG combat like Utawareru mono.

The games is heavily inspired by Der Langriser. Some characters and setting are inspired by Middle Ages. The game is divided into more than 70 chapters. And depending on your reading speed, the game lasts a few hours. The story is non manichean and there are only characters with their own culture, convictions and beliefs. What I want to demonstrate with this game is that there is no evil or good.

A branching storyline


Inspired by Der Langrisser, players can choose side.

Players starts with the Alliance. But after chapter 14, player can side with the Empire of Ranasseh, the Democracy of Zaniga, the Hudoan Empire and the cult of Brax. These clans generally fight each other. So if you side with the Ranasseh Empire you will fight the Alliance and Democracy. Generally the final enemy is the cult but on all branches you can side with the cult and fight your former allies. And joining the cult will be reflected in the Main character portrait and class.

Chapter and combat select


Like in Langrisser you can freely choose your chapter.

When on this map, players can choose chapter, continue the story, fight all battles of the game and optional ones or purchase supplies. During any time on the map, players can manage their characters, adjusting their inventories, classes and skills, as well as reading support conversations…

Classic turn based combat


The game feature a first view turn based combat which can be found on series such as Shin Megami Tensei and Dragon Quest.

Despite not being a tactical RPG, the gameplay is heavily borowed from the Fire Emblem series
such as growth rates, weapons, skills, classes, formula, statistics. The combat are at a fast pace and tactical. There are more than 80 classes and over 100 abilities. You can also swap freely characters and equipment during battle.

Support conversations


Like in Fire Emblem there are support conversations.

Each chapter has many support conversations to flesh out characters. There are 195 supports conversations in the game.

Changing Classes


There are two methods of changing a character’s class.


When a character is Level 10 in their non-promoted class, they may promote to one of two promoted classes, like in Langrisser. Once promoted they revert to Level 1. Knight can promote to Dark Knight who use HP to deal attack or the solid Great Knight, like Lavin. Meanwhile, Monk, such as Ami, can promote to the claw-wielding Monk Fighter or the healing magic-wielding Priest.

Class Menu

Using the class menu, a character can freely change class. Please note that the character can keep exp or not with an option. The old skills are forgotten and replaced by the new ones. This is optional and you can finish the game without using it. But it has been implemented if you really want a character in a certain class.

Example with Rachel:

In Rachel’s case, she starts off as a Lord, so she can promote to a High Lord or Little Princess, when she’s Level 10. When she’s a Level 10 High Lord, she can promote to High Master or Queen. When she’s a Level 10 Little Princess, she can promote to Princess of light or Dark Princess. You can also change class via the class menu.

Special Skills


Like in Fire Emblem, characters can obtain Skills, which provide various benefits in battle.

Characters may start off with certain Skills from the onset and new Skills can be learned upon levelling up. The Skills that a character can learn depend solely on their class, so characters can learn more Skills by levelling up in different classes. As the above image illustrates, any character can learn any Skills. This is optional and you can finish the game without using it. But it has been implemented if you really want a character with a certain skill. If you want an easier game, you can learn some overpowered and broken Skills that can instantly kill all enemies.

Adjustable difficulty


Player can freely adjust difficulty.

In the menu, there is a coefficient option. You can chose to multiply the stats of enemies by a coefficient between 0.7 and 1.3. By default, the coefficient is 1.

Options and Cheats



In the option menu, player can adjust various parameter such as the colour for the windows, the volume of sound and music. You can set Auto-Dash, Instant Text or hide Battle Animations, skip Results. You can memorize action, show the turn order, heal hp between fights. You can skip battle, change the maximum number of allies and choose the damage multiplier. You can also set an autosave on the first save slot and decide to keep exp when using the class change menu.
There are also some more minor options. Any time during the Game you can hold W to fast forward dialogue and X to speed up the Game. The game support game controller and to set button just press F1.



When on this map, players can access cheats. You can gain gold, LV, items (stat boost and healing) and holy weapons! These weapons are rank C so there is no character's restriction. You can also recruit any character you want. You can also choose the game speed (in FPS). And of course options cheats are completely optional.




Last, but not least, Crimson Sword Saga features a large soundtracks, with a total of around 83 tracks. I have used mainly celtic and epic royalty free music. The soundtrack includes classical music such as Appassionata from Beethoven, The Planets from Holst, Rapsodie espagnole from Ravel, Requiem from Mozart and other. The soundtrack is coherent and emphasizes the important moments. You can listen to it ingame or outside on the audio folder.




A demo of the first 5 chapters is available here:!XB9QjB4Z!vcF8aG0cVZeBvZuKtNRANPpzBpA5edDRgyWyq6JBHWo

Here is a link to the website of my co-worker David Chang:​

Now on steam!!!

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