Monday, 21 March 2016

Special Skills Part 3

IconNameTP CostDescription/EffectsNotesFormulas

Pierce50Spear Skill. Deal defense ignoring
damage to one enemy.
-a.atk - b.def*0.75 

Dark Ray25Sword Skill. Attack all
enemies. Consums 10% of MaxHP
-(a.atk - b.def)

Dark Hole50Sword Skill. Attack all enemies.
Consums 20% of MaxHP
-(a.atk - b.def)

Shell Break25Attacks enemy and lowers MDF-a.atk - b.def
MDF- 100%

Charisma-Increases all stats by 2Lord and Dark Lord only*-

Elite-Increases Experience by halfPascal only*-

Berserk0Increases ATK of the user by 9
but gives the berserk state
-Berserk 100%

Poisoned Arrow25Bow skill. Attacks and poison one enemy-a.atk - b.def
Poison 25%

Growth-Increases growth rate by 10%Eric, Sarah and
Daniel only*

Drill50Spear Skill. Deal defense
ignoring damage to one enemy
Unuseda.atk - b.def*0.75

Assassin's Edge-Normal attack have Death+10%Assassin only*-

ATK+2-Increases ATK by 2Swordsman, Silver Knight only*-

DEF+2-Increases DEF by 2Unused*-

MAT+2-Increases MAT by 2Unused*-

MDF+2-Increases MDF by 2Unused*-

AGI+2-Increases AGI by 2Ninja only*-

LUK+4-Increases LUK by 4Unused*-

ATK+5 MDF-2-Increases ATK by 5 but
decreases MDF by 2
Dragon Lord, Warrior Monk, Great Fighter only*-

MAT+5 DEF-2-Increases MAT by 5 but decreases DEF by 2Dark Tactician, Shaman, Bishop only*-

ATK+2 MAT+2-Increases ATK and MAT by 2Unused*-

ATK+2 DEF+2-Increases ATK and DEF by 2Dragon Master, Thief Fighter, God's Hand, Master Knight only*-

MAT+2 MDF+2-Increases MAT and MDF by 2Mage Knight, Rune Master, Sage, High Priest only*-

MaxHP+5-Increases MaxHP by 5Pirate only*-

MaxMP+5-Increases MaxMP by 5Unused*-

ATK Speed+5-Increases ATK Speed by 5Elite Archer only*-

Hit+10%-Increases Hit by 10%Master Sniper only*-

Eva+5%-Increases Evasion by 5%Hunter only-

Cri+10%-Increases Critical by 10%Sword Master only*-

Actions Times-Has a 33% chance of acting twice per turnMaster Thief only*-

Steal0Steal an armour-15%+a.luk/1000

Steal+0Steal an armour with a better success rate-30%+a.luk/1000

Suicide0Kill all allies-99999

Great shield-Damage Rate/2--

Note: You can check how formulas work here.
* You can learn these Skills but it won't have effects,
they are linked to classes. If you really want to raise stats,
just use cheats to obtain boosting items.

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