Monday, 21 March 2016

Special Skills Part 1

IconNameTP CostDescription/EffectsNotesFormulas

Attack0Damages the enemy-a.atk - b.def 

Guard0Protects user and
reduces damage taken
Gain 15 TP.
Guard 100%

Dual Attack25Hits an enemy twice!2 Hits(a.atk - b.def)

Dual Attack II0Hits an enemy twice!2 Hits(a.atk - b.def)

Double Attack25Attacks two random enemies2 Random Hits(a.atk - b.def)

Multiple Attack50Attacks all enemies-(a.atk - b.def)

Escape-Enemy action. Causes
enemy to flee from battle

Wait0Does nothingGain 5 TP-

Fire Breath0Deals fire damage
to all enemies
Enemy only(a.mat - b.mdf)

Ice Breath0Deals ice damage
to all enemies
Unused(a.mat - b.mdf)

Thunder Breath0Deals thunder damage to all enemies.Unused(a.mat - b.mdf)

Invincible0Makes all allies invincibleSpeed+2000-

Confusion Song50Confuses all enemiesEnemy onlyConfusion 25%

Paralyze Breath50Paralyzes all enemies-Paralysis 25%

Sleep Pollen25Puts all enemies to sleepUnusedSleep 25%

Dark Breath0Deals dark damage
to all enemies
Enemy only(a.mat - .mdf)

Actions Times+-Acts twice per turnDark Tactician,
Angel of Death,
Lord of Darkness only*

Grim Reaper50Attacks all enemies.
-(a.atk - b.def)
Death 10%

Ultimate Force0The ultimate skillSpeed+2000999

Sweep Kick15Attempt to stun an enemy-Stun 25%

Bodyslam25Damages enemy and
attempt to stun enemy
-a.atk - b.def

Shout50Stuns all enemies-Stun 25%

Vampire50Absorbs enemy's HPEnemy onlya.atk - b.def

Self-Heal25Restores HP of the user-b.mhp/4

Meditate25Recovers one quarter of MaxMPOn the userb.mmp/4

Magic Torrent50Recovers half of MaxMPOn the userb.mmp/2

Strong Attack25A strong attack against one enemy-(a.atk - b.def)

Cleave50An attack against all enemies-(a.atk - b.def)

Berserker's Roar25For 3 turns, increase ATK of the user-ATK+ 100%

Berserker's Dance50Axe skill. Attack on all enemies-(a.atk - b.def)

Giant's Rampage50Axe skill. Attack on all enemies-(a.atk - b.def)

Tackle25Damage is based on user's DEF-(7 + a.def - b.def)

Note: You can check how formulas work here.
* You can learn these Skills but it won't have effects,
they are linked to classes.

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