Monday, 14 March 2016

Prototype Information

My game has been changed and balanced several times. Here are some of the changes.
Gameplay changes
  • Athena originally started off as a Lord but has changed to Dragon Lord. She was supposed to be a main character.
  • Eve and Navarro were former thieves.
  • Weapons and Armours reduced AGI but it is no longer the case (Axe gived -7 AGI as opposed to Dagger gived -1 AGI).
  • There was Holy Blood who raise Growth Rates but due to balancing it has been removed.
  • Holy Weapons were supposed to give +30 Stats but due to balancing it only gives +5 Stats.
  • Some characters were on another side: for example Leah was supposed to be on the side of Ranasseh Empire.
  • Some characters have been removed and replaced such as Caiphe or Talmud.
  • Magic was overpowered, it has been greatly reduced to match physical skills. At first, mages start with full MP but it has been removed. Instead characters start with 0 MP and recovers 20% of it each turn.
  • At first Mages could equip two magic rings who raise stats and an accessory (two fire rings and Solomon's Ring give +19 MAT!). Now they can only equip one magic ring and one accessory.
  • To keep the balance with Mages, some final physical classes can now equip two accessories.
  • Healing Magic was broken, it has been greatly nerfed.
  • Removes most healing items from the shop.
  • Battle music were once hard rock music, it has been changed to classical music instead. 

Plot changes
  • Most dark themes have been completely removed or greatly tone down. These themes were inspired by video game such as Drakengard.
  • First there was 65 chapters but I have add 9 chapters: In the previous version you can only join the Sect in the eastern Empire path but now you can join the Sect on all branches. 
  • The title was Chronicles of the Holy War.

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