Sunday, 6 March 2016

Introduction Characters Part 2

JeremiahBishopA former priest who converted to the sect.Can summon dark creatures.
JezebelArchmageQueen of Belsar.
JohnThiefBecome a thief to support his family. Smart and agile.
JonahDragon KnightA mercenary who joined the alliance. Tactful and has a good side.
KaielsiHigh PriestKidnapped by the cult, he managed to escape. Traumatized, he vowed to stop the sect.
KalanHigh LordAbel's brother and lord of Ephraitia. Violent and fiery.
LavinKnightKnight from Ranasseh in the service of the Empire. Friend with Ezra and Nemeni. Conscientious.
LeahSword MageManipulated by the cult at a young age. Solitary.
LeopoldAssassinA cult's assassin leader. Kills people with ease.
LukeElite ArcherAn archer that hides a dark secret.
MaySamuraiKidnapped at a young age by the sect.
NemeniMageMage from Ranasseh in the service of the Empire. Particularly intelligent and gifted in magic.
NoahPupilBecame a hermit mage. Antisocial and
thus difficult to approach.
NavarroBerserkerA warrior from Zaniga. A little rustic, but benevolent.
MiriamGod's HandKidnapped and trained to kill by the sect at a
young age.
NabalSamuraiA samurai whose talent is unparallel.
Posed and silent.
SethTemplarAn old knight who converted to the sect. Cruel and merciless to his enemies.
TimSageAn elderly mage elected at the top of Zaniga
democracy. Sage and protective.
SarahVillagerThe sister of Eric, has a real talent for magic. Really like her brother. Impulsive and a little naive.
SamuelShamanA mage versed in black magic. Lost some of his humanity following a Satanic ritual.
RindoSword MasterA swordswoman from Zaniga. Actively seeks her brother Luke for obscure reasons.
PaulMaster SniperA bowman from Zaniga. Lawful and has a kind heart.
PeterWarrior MonkA monk who decided to translate holy scripture to make it accessible to all.
PhilipMaster ThiefA selfish and individualistic thief.
RachelLordIllegitimate daughter of Achab, King of Belsar. Graceful and serene.
RaphaelleArchangelAn archangel serving Qind.
RebekahSorcererFormer seer who converted to black magic. Can predict the future.
PascalSmall TacticianMain character of the game. He likes to develop different strategies to defeat the enemy.
ZekeSageA noble of a country from the east. Under his apparent coldness, lies a charming young man.

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