Sunday, 6 March 2016

Introduction Characters Part 1

AaronMaster KnightZaniga army's second, he helps and advises Tim. A bit slow but has a solid defense.
AbelTetrarchLord of Meyr, one of the alliance leaders.
Just and honorable.
AbralaPhalanxThe second of David. Have respect for the emperor David and brings him good advice. Has a steel defense.

AgokoWarriorWarrior from Ranasseh in the service of the Empire. Stubborn and narrow-minded but a formidable fighter.
AlishaPriestKalan's childhood friend. Has feelings for him.
A nun able to heal. Serious and dedicated.


Sword Fighter

A swordswoman from Meyr. Has admiration for
Lord Abel.
ArthurHoly KnightKnight in the service of lord Kalan. Deeply nationalist, vowed loyalty to his lord.
AthenaDragon LordLancer from the east. Was raised as a boy.
BlossomArchmageAdopted daughter of Tim. Charming and bright.
BrendaElite ArcherKidnapped at a young age by the sect.
CyrusDark KnightKnight is in search of true strength. His life and his identity remains a mystery.
DanielVillagerA friend of the parents of Eric and Sarah. A former soldier. Calm and careful.

EmperorRanasseh emperor. Wants to end the war by
force and terror.

ValkyrieLancer in the service of Zaniga. Blossom's friend. Determined and helpful.
DeborahMaster ThiefSteals from the rich to give to the poor.
DmitriVillagerYoung boy from Gibea.

Angel of DeathAngel of Death. Harpan's servant.
EricVillagerHe joined the Liberation Army because of his great hatred for the Empire. Lively and spirited.
EstherGreat KnightBecame knight despite the reluctance of her father Aaron.

High PriestNavarro's sister. A good healer.
EzraSword FighterSwordswoman from Ranasseh in the service of the Empire. Authoritarian but loyal.
GadSmall KnightOld knight in the service of Queen Jezebel.
Protector and honorable.
GroostHigh MasterOne of the lords of Hudoen. He joins
the eastern army
to prove its strength and value.

Ninja MasterA ninja who joined the eastern army.
We do not know much about him.

Lord of DarknessLord of Darkness. He rebelled against Qind and
sought to impose chaos and darkness.
IsaacMaster GladiatorA swordsman who struck down many enemies which earned him the nickname of demonic sword.

SorcererHigh Priest of the dark cult Brax. Kidnaps children to sacrifice them to the dark Lord.
JebExperienced ThiefA thief from Ranasseh in the service of the Empire. Cowardly and do everything to win.

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