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Section 1: Introduction

Q) What should I know about this game?

A) Crimson Sword Saga is a brand new game for Windows. It begins a completely new story, set on a fictional Continent of Pelora, it is much more of a visual novel with RPG elements and fight. The game is out now on internet.

Q) Is this game available in English?

A) Yes, it will be released on steam.

Q) Are Marth or Roy in this game?

A) Yeah, they are DLC characters. Joke aside, they are not in my game.

Q) Can I make my own character in this game?

A) It was planned to make your own avatar, and a little quiz to determine stats and classes like
in Tactics Ogre or Langrisser. It was to difficult to implement so no you can't make your own character. Instead the main character has his own name and personality. 

Q) Do characters still permanently die in battle?

A) No. The game was created bearing that fact in mind. Though once a character is KO, it's difficult to revive them and it is possible only late in the game. Fallen allies will return in time for the next chapter, with no penalties.

Q) What is the class-change system like?

A) This game features branched promotions, just like Langrisser, where characters can upgrade to one of two promoted classes. Additionally, characters can reclass to a completely different class by using the class menu. It's not recommended to change early class because you won't be able to promote a character. If you reach the last tier class, you can change it to another last tier class.

Q) Are there support conversations in this game (and proper ones too)?

A) Yes! This game features more than 200 support conversations, however there is no bonus in doing so. It's completely optional and there to flesh out characters.

Q) Are there multiplayer battles in this game?

A) No it's a single player game.

Section 2: Early/Mid-game 

Q) Wait a second, how do I choose my main character’s class at the very beginning?

A) You can’t. However, you can change his class to any class using the class menu. It's not recommended to change his early class because you won't be able to promote him. If you reach the last tier class (Master Tactician), you can change it to another last tier class (Dark Tactician for example) or demote him to an earlier class tier (Tactician for example) and promote him again.

Q) How do you promote Sarah, Daniel and Eric? Villager is rubbish!

A) Just use the promotion menu when they are Level 10. You might want to promote them as soon as possible.

Q) Is there a limit to how many times you can change class?

A) No there is no restriction, for all characters you can change class using the class menu.

Q) When do your main character promote?

A) At any time using the promotion menu. If you choose to side with the Sect then the main character's class will automatically change to Dark Tactician.

Q) Can Dark Knights (Princes and Princess) use Dark magic?

A) You might think so at first, but I’m afraid they don’t. The only classes with the innate ability to wield Dark magic are Dark Mage, Shaman, Sorcerer, Dark Tactician, Angel of Death and Lord of Darkness.

Q) What happens if you “demote” a character using the class menu?

A) Nothing special, besides the character’s stats decreasing slightly. For some characters, you can do an infinite cycle. Reach Level 10, Demote your character, promote him again, and so on.

Q) Do certain Skills only work when you’re a particular class or require a certain weapon type equipped?

A) Nope. Once you’ve learned a Skill, you can use it in any class. However some skills related to class could be learned but won't have effects (ATK+2 or actions times for example).

Q) Is there a limit to how many Skills a character can learn?

A) No, using the Skill Menu, any character can learn any Skills. However it is so broken that I don't recommend using it.

Section 3: End-game

Q) Are they multiple Endings?

A) Yes if you lose the last fight, you will have a "bad" and short ending.

Q) Is there a post-game or new game plus?

A) Well there are 2 bonus chapters. Aside that there is no post-game but you can use the chapter select to choose a different path. If you want to see all chapters then it's recommended to save at each branching chapter : 14A, 19A, 24A, 19E, 24E, 24I, 24D.

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