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Combat Stats 


= Strength + weapon Might
= Defense + amour Defense
Magical Attack
= Magic + weapon Might
Magical Defense
= Magical Defense + amour Resistance
= Agility
= Luck

Hit Rate
= Weapon's Hit rate + [(Agi x 3 + Luck) /2]
Evasion and Magic Evasion= (Agi x 3 + Luck) / 2
Critical Hit= Weapon’s Critical + (Agi / 2)
Critical Evade(Luck / 1.5)

Combat Forecast 


Attack (damage)= (Attack – Enemy’s Defence) x Damage multiplier
Hit rate (physical
and magic)
= Hit rate – Enemy’s Evasion [%]
Critical rate= Critical Hit – Enemy’s Critical Evade [%]

Notes: Skills have their own damage or healing formula.
Hit rate for Skills (both physical and magical) is the
same as a normal attack.
Some Skills such as healing always hit.

Turn order


The formula is:
speed = subject.agi + rand(5 + subject.agi / 4) + 
skill.speed (if use a skill) or item.speed
(if use an item) or subject.atk_speed (if use an attack)

The actor with the highest speed go first and then the second one and so on...

Notes: item.speed=0 always.
skill.speed=0 except for some skills (which is 2000).
subject.atk_speed=0 always.

Examples: Pascal has 12 Agi and cast fire and an enemy soldier has 8 Agi and launch an attack.

Pascal speed is 12+rand(5+12/4)+0 = 12+rand(8).
rand(8) is a random number between 0 and 8.
Pascal speed is between 12 and 20.

Soldier speed is 8+rand(5+8/4)+0 = 12+rand(7).
rand(7) is a random number between 0 and 7.
Soldier speed is between 8 and 15.

In most case Pascal will act first then the soldier unless you have no luck
with random numbers.

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